Lauren's Testimonial Video

August 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lauren

Lauren works 60+ hours per week and had chronic back pain, she now is pain free and built 6kgs of solid muscle!

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Lauren: Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm a trauma therapist and I've been working with Josiah for the last five months on my rehabilitation program. I feel really lucky that I've had the opportunity to work with him has been great at assessing my injuries. I've got a back injury that I've had for about 10 months now and he's played a pivotal part in my rehabilitation program for the first time ever. Actually, I've been able to feel muscles where I've got nerve damage and I've had someone actually stepping me through my journey so that I can heal and get back to some of my previous fitness goals before I had the injury. I feel like the side is really supportive and he's able to work with me on anything that I need and he's really responsive in the sense that, um, if an exercise doesn't work for me, were able to re dig it and find something that does work with some of my restrictions and then we build on it over time. So yeah, I feel enormously grateful. Thanks

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