Dr Randall Peters for Congratulations Leadership Class of 2023

April 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr Randall Peters

As the journey with the Leadership Griffin Spalding class of 2023 ends, what message would you like to leave with the participants?

Dr Randall Peters: Well, good evening. I'm sorry, I can't be with you tonight, but I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on completion of this year's Leadership Griffin Spalding Program. Every one of you when you showed up on the first day, brought skills, talents experiences to the table that you were willing to share throughout the entire year. And it made the program much more than we could have made it on our own as the people in charge of the program. So congratulations on your completion, but also sincere thanks and congratulations on sharing who you are and what you know, all of that you bring to the table. I'm really looking forward to see the ultimate results of the projects that you're going to talk about tonight. And I look forward to seeing you downstream a little, more involved. Now that you are an alumnus of the program, we can I hope to draw on you. I hope to to be a facilitator or maybe need to help provide some logistical support to this program and to continue to make it all that it can be. And thanks to your skills, your talents and your, background and experience, we know that that's unlimited future One last word before I go. And that is remember when on the first day and when we talked about the purpose of this program. All of the boards councils, committees that go to making up the Griffins Spalding community are in need of leadership all the time. We're always looking for new board members for nonprofits or what have you. And now that you've gone through this program, you are more than qualified. And you have more than earned the skill set that you need to do any of those activities. So I hope that you will use those skills and use, the professional tools that you've earned to make our community a little bit better place. And, if you do that, then our program will have been successful. Again, Congratulations. I'm sorry, I can't be with you tonight, But. I wish you the very, very best and don't forget that we are still a resource for you downstream later on. And don't forget your network that you have created and successfully used throughout this year with your classmates. Good night.

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