Sister Ward, Board Member for Investor Testimonial Videos

April 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sister Ward, Board Member , Area Manager, Georgia Power

On this Member Monday, we would love to hear about your company, its nature of operations, and the duration of your presence in Griffin.

Sister Ward, Board Member : I'm Sister ward area manager for Georgia Power for Spalding. Butts, Coweta and Fayette counties, most people are familiar with what Georgia Power does, but we provide electric service to over 2.6 million customers around the state. We as a company are also very involved in the communities in which we serve. So in my role, I work with local chambers, local governments, local nonprofits, local development authorities just to name a few organizations that we partner with. but we support communities in any way we can to help them thrive.

Can you explain your approach to optimizing your relationship with the Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce?

Sister Ward, Board Member : Georgia Power recognizes that chambers are critical to the business climate and business success in their cities and counties that they serve. So we as a company make investments in local chambers, support events and chamber initiatives that promote the welfare of the community, both the business community and the community of large. So I serve on the Griffin Spalding Chamber Board of Directors and I've enjoyed getting to know the local business leaders, both of large and small businesses. These small businesses are the heartbeat of, of the community, but I am committed to the Chamber of Mission and Georgia Power will continue to support.

Explain how investing in the Griffin Spalding Chamber of Commerce benefits your business.

Sister Ward, Board Member : For Georgia power investing in the chamber is supporting the local business climate and in turn, that is supporting many of our customers and that hopefully that healthy business climate will help welcome new businesses and new customers in the future. So the Griffin Spalding Chamber is a voice for business and provides opportunities for connection and for resources and long term investment. And long term vision is something that the chamber has and the Griffin Spalding area will reap benefits of that strategy and investment long term through being a continued prosperous community.

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