John Durkin Customer Testimonial

November 07, 2022

John Durkin, Head of Education at StreamSets

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Durkin, Director of Education , StreamSets

Could you describe a time that Greenmusk helped you?

John Durkin: Green musk was vital at the beginning of streams. It's academy when we launched the academy that helped us in partnership to build out all of the content for instructor led, self paced, as well as deliver the training classes that we needed to satisfy our customers training requirements.

What 3 key areas of your organization has Greenmusk positively impacted?

John Durkin: Green musk had a positive impact on stream sets in a number of different areas. The first would be content development. Their team figured out what the requirements were from our stakeholders and built out engaging, self paced learning as well as instructor led training. The second area was training delivery. They provided instructors that understood our software and could communicate that to our customers and deliver well received training classes. And then the third area was in the area of administration and operations, being a small, one person training organization at the time. Um, I didn't really have the capability of handling all the administration and operations in all of those areas while trying to run the business. So they provided that as well.

Why is Greenmusk different from other similar learning services companies?

John Durkin: I think what sets green musk apart from other organizations that I've used is their commitment to the end result, as well as their breadth and depth of talent. So I've used other contracting firms before and usually they'll do exactly what you tell them to do and nothing more. Green musk was different in the sense that they owned the results. So if there was a course that needed to to be developed, they figured out creative ways to demonstrate that information through visuals and other media based tools that were very effective as well as a commitment to work around challenges to arrive at a final solution. So a good example would be some of the data engineering work that was done when we were launching our LMS. There was a lot of automation and things that needed to to be put in place. And they had the talent to not only provide traditional services that you would expect, like content development and delivery, but also programming and automation. And a lot of the things on the back end that needed to happen in order to be successful with our platform. So all across the board that just had a depth of talent in multiple different areas and we're committed to our success

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