Video Testimonial for Charles Mathison & Team: Erin Smith

September 04, 2023

Why I've used Charles Mathison and GLHM to purchase a home and refinance my mortgage.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erin Smith

Why did you choose Charles Mathison and Great Lakes Home Mortgage to help buy your home or refinance your mortgage?

Erin Smith: I chose Charles Manson and Great Lake home mortgage to buy my house. 18 months ago, I had um purchased a house with Charles as my mortgage broker. Um, many years ago referred him to many friends and he is fantastic in the fact that he knows um kind of the scale of how um the mortgage rates are going at the particular time. I was very lucky to buy my house. Um, 18 months ago, when mortgage rates were fantastic. He guided me through that process. Um I did not think I could buy a house due to um some financial um issues due to divorce and um, he really helped me with that and got me on track and here I am with the house that I love um, with a great mortgage rate.

What challenges did you run into that Charles and his team helped you sort out?

Erin Smith: Um As far as challenges that I ran into with Charles, um and his team that had to help me out during my um mortgage process and buying my house. I, I really can't remember any. I feel like him and his team had everything perfect. Um As far as I, I truly can't remember that there was not anything big that, that I can think of. Um It was a very smooth process. His team is just so professional and they have been doing this for a long time. And so I feel like I was again, very blessed to have Charles in my corner to help me purchase my house.

Why would you recommend working with Charles Mathison to buy a home or refinance a mortgage?

Erin Smith: Again, I would recommend Charles and his team for anyone who is purchasing or refinancing a house super easy process with him. Um Like I, like I said before, team is um they've been around for a while. Um The first house I bought with him was probably 23 years ago. Um So he and his team really know what they're doing. Um So if you are needing to refinance or if you look, looking at purchasing, I would recommend him to anyone.

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