Video Testimonials for Charles Mathison and Team

September 05, 2023

Charles helped my clients to buy their dream home without selling first. He helped another client of mine secure a low-rate mortgage when nobody else could help her.

Video Transcript

Why did you choose Charles Mathison and Great Lakes Home Mortgage to help buy your home or refinance your mortgage?

Hi, my name is Ray Millington. I'm a real estate broker and consultant with Baron Warner. I can highly recommend Charles Matheson. He helped my son and daughter-in-law uh buy a house in Skokie and involved multiple offers. They hadn't sold their house yet. They haven't listed it but uh Charles, I figured out a way for them to get a mortgage on the home that they wanted to buy without selling their existing home. Long story short, they were successful and they got the house, they love it there. Uh It's a great family area that they're in and they couldn't speak more highly of Charles. Uh Charles also helped another client of mine who had uh a very high interest rate mortgage. I think it was like 8%. Uh Charles was able to work with her to refinance the mortgage. She tried other people and they couldn't help her. Uh and Charles was able to get her into a very low cost mortgage. I think it was under 3%. So she is very happy and everybody I know that's worked with Charles is highly recommend him. So can't go wrong. Go with Charles

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