Video Testimonials for Charles Mathison and Team

September 06, 2023

Charles helped us refinance during COVID, and is now helping us buy our dream home.

Video Transcript

Why did you choose Charles Mathison and Great Lakes Home Mortgage to help buy your home or refinance your mortgage?

Hi, my name is Kat Pound and this is Clark Pong and we chose Charles because three years ago during 2020 we all remember that COVID. Uh he was wonderful enough to help us with refinancing our home. So it was such a great experience. It was so easy. It was just amazing. So we reached out to him earlier last week and said, hey, we want to buy 100 and 40 year old home and fix it up. So can you help us? And he and Pamela jumped right in, helped us and you know, our goals is to just take this home back to what it used to be and, and help some shelter animals that are, you know, the poor old guys that are left there in the shelters. So that is our goal. It's our dream home and uh anything else. And I think that uh um it would be a wonderful place to have all these senior pets to live out the rest of their lives happily and there you go. So thank you Charles for all your help. You've been amazing. And Pamela, thank you. Yes, take care.

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