Grayce Member Story - Pasquale S.

May 16, 2023

Video Transcript

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome with Grayce?

Pasquale S.: Absolutely. So in terms of my main challenge, it was really finding out more information about within my local authority as we call it the local council really around kind of carers and what support they provide. Whether that may be in terms of daytime support, financial support group support, so you can contact other people, other carers who are within the network within the local area. And also kind of the medical systems aspect where it's about access, I guess to certain teams such as dentistry, the opticians, the dietary, other specialists that my grandmother would be entitled to. So when I reached out to Grayce, it was really understanding kind of where were the links located. And also it was in terms of, it was nice to speak to, I guess somebody, she was actually a social worker in New York. And knowing that there are challenges on the other side of the Atlantic... so it's not just the UK so kind of that relatable aspect of it where she had been working, you know, in the, the social care sector in New York so that there were challenges there and how, you know, different solutions to overcome certain challenges. So yeah, it was good to know that.

What do you love about Grayce?

Pasquale S.: The easy going conversation I would say. So that the, the lady I was speaking with, you know, she was very understanding, you know, and very relatable in terms of seeing challenges over the many years that she's been in the social work circuit. And also in terms of, you know, having me kind of write out a small plan or sorry, she wrote out a plan as well and then the follow up. So it wasn't just that session, it was also the follow up afterwards as well. to see, you know, if we'd like to jump on another session. I've got to admit I didn't go for the follow up because just so busy with work and that, that first session was great because I think the links that she had found or reiterated that I was already on the right track for certain links that I, I already had was just reassuring in that sense.

Why is support from Grayce important to you?

Pasquale S.: I found as a carer, not now, but years back, I would say is you focus so much on the person you're caring for, you, forget about yourself. And I think it's good to have your own goals and aspirations because you kind of keep yourself in a, a well oiled, strong, you know, driven position while at the same time, you know, by doing that, it was, I would say, naturally you're gonna maintain, you know, kind of strong observation and in a caring role and a caregiver's role for the person you're caring for in that sense.

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