Grayce Member Story - Ro-Zanne H.

May 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ro-Zanne H., ServiceNow

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome with Grayce?

Ro-Zanne H.: Hi there. The main challenge I had to overcome is that I live in the United States and my parents are in Malaysia. And so I needed to come up with a list of care providers for my mom who currently has pre-Parkinson's and Malaysia is about a 24 hour flight away. I'm not physically in the same place as them or in the same time zone as my parents. And with my heavy work schedule, Grayce was able to help provide a list of providers that I could go to for support for my parents. So that really helped save time and effort on my piece. And my agent or the person working with me is Lily and she has been so empathetic, so supportive and helpful, reaching out checking in making sure that I have everything that we need.

What do you love about Grayce?

Ro-Zanne H.: What I love about Grayce is that it's always available. And my company has been amazing, allowing us to have this resource for free and that I can just reach out at any time without even necessarily having a long wait time. And I know that the support is right there for whenever I need it. So it brings peace of mind on top of my already very hectic schedule and helps me focus on being present in the moment and me being able to do my best work.

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