CRFT key features with Andrew Boyd

February 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Boyd

Freezing and Thawing

Andrew Boyd: The CRFT has controlled rate freezing and thawing. We use a Sterling engine inside which is, imagine the piston which has areas of high and low pressure is electronically controlled, which means we have full control over the system, how fast it can freeze and how slow you can freeze, and the same with thawing.

Interchangable Heads

Andrew Boyd: The CRFT has interchangeable heads, there are six as standard and these are connected by a bayonet-style fitting. We have heads for cryovials, straws, plates, and a universal platform for blood bags. These simply just click back into place and are ready to go.

Bespoke profiling with software

Andrew Boyd: The CRFT comes complete with its own software package. This enables the user to define freezing and thawing rates designed specifically around their cell type. It will show a blue line which is the desire profile and map it with a red line over the top to give you that exact performance data.

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