Andrew Boyd for Grant Instruments Video Testimonials

April 04, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Boyd

What are the applications of the Ecocool?

Andrew Boyd: This is one of our Ecocool models. This is the Ecocool 150R which is the advanced system. Some customers will use the internal tank built into the Ecocool here to place a sample such as a flask or a vessel. What most customers will do will be to externally circulate. They can do this by using one of our pump connectors which attached to the side of the system here.

Externally circulating applications

Andrew Boyd: The Ecocool is set up here to externally circulate. So the pump connector has been attached here with hosing, insulation and clips. The hosing can be cut to length at the moment it's in 2 metre lengths. It can be cut as short as possible or we can supply longer hosing if required. For other, small specialist external circulation applications, we can attach an external probe here. So you move a temperature reference point from the tank to your sample.

Getting started

Andrew Boyd: Once you're set up with the hosing connected, you can fill the bath with your temperature fluid of choice. The ecocool is set up for use of water, water Glyco and a range of different oils. This has a max capacity of 5 L. So fill up your bath, turn it on and then you've got your temperature set point on the front of the system here.

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