Understanding the Ecocool with Andrew Boyd

February 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Boyd

What is the Ecocool?

Andrew Boyd : The Ecocools calls are Grants recirculating chiller range. There are two systems in the range Ecocool 100R and the more advanced Ecocool 150R. They operate over a temperature range of minus 30 to 150 degrees with a maximum cooling power of 450 watts. Both systems have external pumps included, hosing is included in the delivery too. So they're plug and play and ready to go.

Why is the Ecocool a sustainable option?

Andrew Boyd : As with all new refrigeration products at Grant these now run on an environmentally friendly natural refrigerant called R290. This has a global warming potential significantly lower than its predecessor models. It's also used as a variable speed compressor, which means the system runs far more efficiently as with all our products, we source most of our material and parts within 100 mile radius of our factory in Royston means our supply chain is much shorter, logistically. And finally, from an application perspective, these are fantastic systems at replacing tap water. There are many sustainability, drivers that reduce tap water these days and these are a perfect match for rotary evaporators and reaction vessels.

What are some of the applications used by your customers for the Ecocool?

Andrew Boyd : The Ecocools are very flexible in their use. Some customers may place a sample directly into the bath here. Most customers will use the external pump here and externally circulate to the apparatus. This may be rotary evaporators, reactor vessels, applications within reaction chemistry, sample prep QC and electrophoresis cooling.

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