Grant Instruments Video Testimonials

March 26, 2024

Video Transcript

Overview of Heated Circulating Baths

At Grant instruments we have four heated circulated baths or stirrers as it's more commonly known. You may also see them on the market as Optima's, which is what we call them. They range from the entry level T100 which is your basic heater circulator stirrer, there's no external pumping on this system range all the way up to our TXF-200. The TXF-200 is our advanced system. so this will go up to 200 degrees compared to 100 degrees on the T100, full programmability, as you can see external pumping that is on the side and the rear of the system. There are comms ports for optional software and external probes.

Key Features

All our systems are supplied with a three year warranty. optional up to five. Safety features include float switches which maintain your water level, shut the unit off if your water level goes too low and over temperature cut outs on the advanced units, these are adjustable. So you can have sample protection as as well as unit safety. All of out Optima's are compatible with five sizes of baths, these range from 5 to 38L as standard. So you have to have up to 20 options in the range for you to choose from. We can also offer customized baths on a case by case basis.

What are some of the applications of heated circulating baths?

Our heat circulated baths have numerous accessories. So along with the tanks we have lids, we can also have tube racks and immersion coolers. As this setup is here, the accessories allow the unit to be truly application specific, it can be used for calibration baths, recirculating to reactor vessels, spectrophotometers, and reaction chemistry.

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