Jason B. | AchievePoint Career Academy

July 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason B.

Jason B.: Hi, my name is Jason Branch. I'm 18 years old. I'm in 12th grade, and I go to Achieve Point.

Why did you enroll at AchievePoint?

Jason B.: So little back story on why I enrolled in the AchievePoint. I was at Diamond Oaks and I went there with a good buddy of mine. We both decided to come here as we wanted to focus on working, but still complete our school work. And this was the right fit for me. And so I started and then I loved it. It was like an online school. I started to fall for a second because I didn't do any work. But now I'm here, today is my last day and I graduate.

Describe a day in your life as an AchievePoint student — Don't forget to tell us about your favorite part of AchievePoint!

Jason B.: A day in the life as a, an AchievePoint student. For me, it will look like, well, first of all, I like it. I get to choose my own schedule. I come in when I want, complete my assignments. I leave when I want. You know. So, hm, typical morning, typical day for me. I get up maybe around 7:30 every day. I'll get here, maybe around nine o'clock just taking my time, and then I'll get here. I do maybe 15 assignments and leave by 12. That's my school day. Favorite part. About AchievePoint is Marco's pizza.

What part of AchievePoint has been most helpful for you and why?

Jason B.: One part of, of Achieve Point. I know that has been helpful to me has been my teachers mainly Miss Tamia, Miss Jackie and Mr. Andrews. They've both, they've all been here to help me. Miss Tamia has extended classes for me. Mr. Andrews has helped me with my English and Miss Jackie is, she's my motivator, and she helps me with my math and keeps me motivated.

How has your life/mindset changed since starting at/graduating from AchievePoint?

Jason B.: My life slash mindset changed very quick and very fast when I realized that no one's going to do my work for me. And that I'll be the only one there at the end. I quickly changed and I did what I had to do. And now today is my last day of 2023 as 12th grader, and I'll be graduating.

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