Achieve Point | Jaricko T.

July 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Tell us about your experience with AchievePoint

So I used to go to a school that was like your typical, you know, high school or middle school. And it was just very, it's a public school. Of course, people is going to run around, it's going to be very crowded and of course, there's going to be people all up in your face and then you, like, you have to go to different classes and have pounds and pounds of work. You get late work, you get points taken off. Well, here I have less people to bother me. Really. Everyone's pretty nice to me. I can pretty much just be more relaxed. It's self-paced so I don't have to worry about Oh, I'm gonna have late work so it's gonna turn out my grade. So it's very good here and it gives me more opportunities for the future. It gives me choices to help with what I want in the future.

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