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March 20, 2023

Test video

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sergio

Could you describe your experience working with Grads of Life?

Sergio: This is a test video, 123, test video responding to question one of four. Could you describe your experience working with grass of life?

How did Grads of Life help your advance your DEI goals?

Sergio: Test video to responding to test video to uh for the question is how the grass of life help you advance your goals, your DI goals. It took a while to get to the screen because the prior video was uploading maybe like 30 seconds.

What specific tools and services did Grads of Life provide that helped your team meet your goals, and why were they valuable?

Sergio: Okay responding to prompt three. This time, I'm gonna do a little experiment. I'm gonna set a timer and speak for about 30 seconds and then I'm gonna time how long it takes for the video to upload because the last one took about a minute to upload. So I'm guessing that if the content that I'm recording here is a little bit longer, it's gonna take longer to upload the video. And then the person doing the testimonials will have to wait More in between, in between each recording. So we're about the 32nd mark.

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