Why the GovCon Revenue Explosion Program Rocks

February 22, 2023

Review by AIITS COO, Kheela Smith

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kheela Smith, Chief Operations Officer, Advanced Innovative IT Solutions

Please introduce yourself and tell us what breakthrough you see your company getting from the GovCon Revenue Explosion Program.

Kheela Smith: Hi my name is Keela Smith. I am the COO for Advanced, Innovative IT Solutions based in Georgia. The GovCon Revenue Explosion Program has been a valued asset to our company's success by providing quantitative and qualitative information to boost future success for our company. Um so far I can tell you that I have personally had to unlearn and retrain my thought process on how we do business, um, in the aspect of bids and proposals and any solicitations that we might have of interest, um, Rob Polster's program has assisted us and expanding and evolving the way we have a conversation, um, and the way we, we pretty much market ourselves to not just contract officers but to decision makers.

Where do you expect to be after having worked with Rob for 12 months?

Kheela Smith: We've been with the program for the past four months, and I can see us continuing in the program beyond its contract in the continued future with GovCon I can anticipate an increased success rate of winning solicitations, um, by offering more than what the solicitation requires, by identifying a unique problem and providing validated solutions.

What advice would you give to another GovCon company considering this program?

Kheela Smith: if there was a company um considering this program um I would tell them to brace yourself, brace yourself to unlearn and relearn a more beneficial way of doing business. Um The way you've done business in the past might have worked. But trust me there is a better way um That's what Rob has taught us and we are forever grateful. Um And we look forward to every session with Rob because we know that we're going to get something out of it. Um You only get what you put in right So I would definitely recommend the program just telling everyone to be open minded and try it. Um If you don't try it you can't say it worked right. Um So yeah just just be prepared to unlearn the way you've been doing things and re learn a better way that it's gonna be more proficient. Um And probably save you a lot of time. It has for us. Um That's about it.

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