Richard Perry for Landlord Testimonial Whitby

December 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Richard Perry , Owner, Whitby central

Could you describe how you work with Goulden Accommodation?

Richard Perry : I just like to describe how I work with some golden golden properties. Uh, he rents my holiday apartment. Uh, been renting it for about three years. Never had a problem. It's always been rent paid on time. Virtually never been down to the property myself.

What has been the main impact of using Goulden Accommodation to manage your property as a Holiday Furnished Let?

Richard Perry : So the main impact for me has been that it's been hassle free, no problems. I've not had to ever go down to the property to sort anything out. It's all been run smoothly.

Anything else you would like to say?

Richard Perry : Well, just for something else to say about it. I find Sam himself very personable, very easy to talk with and work with. And hopefully this helps anybody else to make their mind up for using Golden properties. Uh

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