Yogesh Deshmukh for Google Workspace User Love

March 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Yogesh Deshmukh, Technical Delivery Manager, Billennium

Introduce yourself

Yogesh Deshmukh: Hi world. I'm your guest Deshmukh- Technical Delivery head in Billennium, India, Private Limited. And also leading the Google Workspace domain and the customers.

What led you to AppSheet, what problems were you trying to solve?

Yogesh Deshmukh: One of my client was having Microsoft domain, now they shifted to the Google domain. So whatever the application they have in the Microsoft domain, in the sharepoint, they wanted to move or migrate to the Google domain. It worked the best. I then added in all application migration from sharepoint to Google AppSheet and Apps Script.

What is the most useful app that you or your coworkers have deployed? What impact did it have on your organization?

Yogesh Deshmukh: We will- we build many apps in AppSheet and using Apps Script also. One of my customers is from the health sector and health sector. Okay. So, they wanted to have some app with the end clients. So like one of the best use case that the nurse is treating the cancer patient able, she can able to go with, with the patient and they get real time data and we easily feel the data rather than a spreadsheet or sheet, she can directly open the app and fill the data and all customer history and detail is going to be stored in different systems.

What benefits have you realized with AppSheet?

Yogesh Deshmukh: Yeah, I think about the benefits of AppSheet- it's actually huge which I can say. Like simply creating and building a simple app in Android or maybe for Apple. Okay. You have to be like a lengthy process, creating holograms and database and all the stuff. But here, you can easily create a simple database and easily create a simple app just in a few seconds. Okay. Like my experiences, I can able to create app before my developer creating a mock or maybe a pencil diagram before it. So it's quick easy for me right now. Okay. And it's also easy to those people who are not from the coding background, you know. So if you have a little bit database knowledge, even understanding about the process and all that, with the tip of the tip of the finger, you can easily create any kind of app. Okay. You just need to know some kind of a business knowledge.

What’s the future of AppSheet within the organization?

Yogesh Deshmukh: AppSheet future within the organization, yeah, it's like going to be a really big one, because now my every non-IT developer or non-IT person also create a simple app as per his requirement. So my whole IT team having very less burden, because every user in my organization are the citizen developer. They can come, they can go create their own app and our IT team is going to help them to- with some kind of accomplishing that you want. So end of the day, yeah, win, win for both situations.

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