Laura Tolettini for Google Workspace Chat User Love

April 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Laura Tolettini, DEI & Welfare Manager, Feralpi Siderurgica

Introduce yourself

Laura Tolettini: I am Laura Tolettini, diversity manager of the Feralpi Group. Feralpi Group is a family company internationalized in the last years, growing very fast and present in Italy, Germany and other countries. We are grounded on the motto of our founder, Carlo Pasini, which was growing in respect of human beings and the environment, and really relevant topics for the current society and time.

Please share why you, your team and/or organization decided to use Google Chat? What problems were you trying to solve?

Laura Tolettini: As internationalized company, digitization is a very important tool for us in order to get in touch simultaneously with all colleagues worldwide. And we view the use of Google Chat, we increase the efficiency of our work and the possibility to work with different devices and communicate with colleagues, not only in Italy, but also in other subsidiaries.

Can you share any feedback and/or anecdotes about how working in Chat improves you/your team's ability to communicate & collaborate?

Laura Tolettini: When you are doing projects and on different themes, it's really useful to have a device which is multidisciplinary. So you can share photos, you can share file, you can do also video call and it becomes spontaneous to share information with a very simple tool and in a way that people can get involved. So, I think it was an amazing decision to use this kind of tool to increase collaboration and to increase also creativity, because if you have simple devices, you can also enhance your creativity style and way to do projects.

What benefits have you realized by standardizing on Chat?

Laura Tolettini: One major benefit is time saving. So you know that in daily life, independently of a private or professional, you need time. Time is better and more expensive, so to say than money, so saving time to share information and to get in touch with people first virtually and then you can get in touch with them personally. But, so you send a chat and you see if they are available and then you can go further and increase also the collaboration and the way you can exchange information with them in a very spontaneous way.

Bonus question: How have spaces in Chat helped your organization and/or team(s) build culture and community?

Laura Tolettini: If digitization is simple and intuitive, you use this. So, it becomes a tool which is improving also your life at work also. So, the way you can use spaces to make a project collaboration more efficient, is a new way that can enhance and motivate your working life daily. So, the message here I think is, the more simple it is, the more you will use it, and the more that you'll get involved also in collaboration.

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