Giuseppe Faraci for Google Workspace User Advocate Testimonials

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Giuseppe Faraci, CEO, Run2Cloud

Introduce yourself

Giuseppe Faraci: Hello. I'm Giuseppe, I'm the CEO of Run2Cloud, a startup that offers digital products and solutions for the healthcare market. Run2Cloud is a partner of Google. We are a team of 10 very passionate people.

What led you to AppSheet, what problems were you trying to solve?

Giuseppe Faraci: AppSheet has allowed us to develop enterprise level applications for healthcare companies- therefore, secure and scalable solution. Thanks to AppSheet, we have developed an app for the real time management and monitoring of medical devices and medical equipment. Of course, we have also developed a medical record application, healthcare warehouse management system and an app for managing technical support in the healthcare space.

What is the most useful app that you or your coworkers have deployed? What impact did it have on your organization?

Giuseppe Faraci: The most useful app is probably the management of medical equipment. It allowed our customer to manage all the medical equipment in the hospital and receive automatic reminders for preventive maintenance, for example. But above all, to have real time information on the use, for example, of medical equipment and energy consumption.

Giuseppe Faraci: These happen thanks to the integration with our IOT platform. So, the AppSheet connected to the IOT platform has the chance to collect the information of a single medical device in real time.

What benefits have you realized with AppSheet?

Giuseppe Faraci: In general, the benefits of using AppSheet are speed of implementation, cross device and cross platform solution safety and scalability. In particular, our our app has allowed the customer to reduce energy waste. For example, the customer learned about the actual use of the equipment and improved, of course, its durability, thanks to smart reminders for preventive maintenance.

What’s the future of AppSheet within the organization?

Giuseppe Faraci: I think that AppSheet can improve and streamline many process within an organization. I manage companies using multiple apps for different use cases. So, Google is allowing us to accelerate the digital transformation process, by offering products such as AppSheet, that are very simple to use for users and quick to implement for us (like a partner).

Accelerating the digital transformation process with a secure and scalable solution.

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