Cristobal Ossa for Google Workspace User Advocate Testimonials

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cristobal Ossa, CTO/CIO, Sofruco & Vina La Rosa

Introduce yourself

Cristobal Ossa: Hi, my name is Cristobal Ossa from South America, Chile and I'm the CTO of Sofruco.

What led you to AppSheet, what problems were you trying to solve?

Cristobal Ossa: For all the years that I spent in the countryside related with the agricultural family agricultural- I realized that, the people who work there, they need more information, more quality information, better information than the social networks.

Cristobal Ossa: With AppSheet, we have the chance to create, develop, try and at the same time deploy- simple and very effective tools for any level of necessity.

What is the most useful app that you or your coworkers have deployed? What impact did it have on your organization?

Cristobal Ossa: One of the most useful apps it's At the farm were almost like 800 people.

Cristobal Ossa: So the concept is- at certain time, they click on the app, the app announced that "Are you going to have lunch today?" "How do you feel?"

Cristobal Ossa: "Are you- your regular lunch or a special lunch?" And that give us so many benefits because having people- like almost 800 people having lunch at the same time is impossible. So, we first we know how many people are going to have lunch, so we don't want to waste food. Second, we give some times, and with the distance, the geo location distance, they can say like, okay, "I think it's time to take your bike and go to the lunch, so you arrive on time." That project it's to give a better quality of life to the people who work with us.

What benefits have you realized with AppSheet?

Cristobal Ossa: Benefits or improvement are a lot and sometimes they are so big that it's really difficult to quantify. But to be precise- in one part we are measuring temperature and that gives us the chance to keep informed all the necessary people at the same time, in the same second of what happened with the temperature. The temperature in the production of wine, that is really important or the temperature in the production of dry prunes in the dry process. Another one that it's a well- with the project of lunch, we think that we are gonna have zero waste of food that it's incredible.

What’s the future of AppSheet within the organization?

Cristobal Ossa: From my point of view, Google is making an amazing job in the innovation inside of the organizations- not only with AppSheet, with Google Cloud and Workspace too. But in the case particular of AppSheet, having the chance to incorporate people that they are in the frontline, they don't need their computer or they don't want a computer every day, all day, but they want to be part of the company, they want to be part of the communication and they want to be part of the necessary information that it's going to make his job more more accurate. So, the future for AppSheet from my perspective, it's to increase the chance to extend these tools for more people in the organization to incorporate as a security place to be, and inform and connect.

Cristobal Ossa: In our case, we plan to use AppSheet for improved education, improved knowledge about the job, communicate with them and they communicate with us. Sometimes the complexity of the distance make it impossible to keep a live conversation, but with tools like this, it's possible.

"With tools like this, it's possible."

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