LE VAN HOA for Google Workspace User Advocate Testimonials

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: LE VAN HOA, Data analyst, Tân Thành furniture

Introduce yourself

LE VAN HOA: Hello everyone. My name is Hoa, I'm from Vietnam. I'm a Data Analyst who also freelance for AppSheet on the partime. Currently, I'm working for the furniture company where I'm using AppSheet platform for digital process.

What benefits & improvements have you realized with AppSheet?

LE VAN HOA: When I know about AppSheet, it changed my work and it changed my life! Why? My job is the data analyst, You know- data analyst. So, I analyze the data and give the insight of data for my boss. But the first time I needs the data.

LE VAN HOA: So, I need to create the tool for the collecting data. In the past, I used VBA, Visual Basic for Applications. And it's a tool on Excel for collecting my data. And when I remember when I create the inventory- inventory tool, it took two months, yeah two months for writing the code.

LE VAN HOA: One day I think, yeah I need to change the platform because Excel is not convenient for me. So, I try to use Google Sheets and in this tab I see oh, we have AppSheet. What is AppSheet? So, I search on Google and I know AppSheet that is the platform for creating apps. So, I try to learn it and it's very fast and everything is very quickly. I need one month to learn everything about AppSheet. And then, I need only one week for creating an app like the warehouse app- maybe it's faster. It's some app, it's very hard like the ERB Yeah, I need to- maybe one month, but it's very fast. It's very convenient. Yeah, everything is online. Yeah. I when- when I go home I want to check the number or everything related to my data. I can open my phone and check it.

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