Karim for Google Workspace User Advocate Testimonials

March 21, 2023

Video Transcript

My name is Karim. I'm an operations manager at a Mexican company that works hand to hand with the Mayan fishermen communities in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The fish that is caught in here, has a great demand in the North American and Asian markets.

However, the Mayan fishermen (for decades), have faced numerous issues when trying to sell their fish- regarding legal, sales, administrative, food safety and sustainability aspects of the supply chain. And all of these issues are derived from communication challenges.

These results in the fishermen having to sell their fish in the local market at a price that is usually below the cost.

Our mission as a company is to shorten the path between the Mayan fishermen and the end consumer- such a restaurant and small businesses in the U.S. So that these consumers can access these products at a lower price and the fishermen can sell their products at a greater value. And during the last year, we managed to achieve this by leveraging Google's AppSheet technology. We developed over 150 web and mobile apps combined synchronously to handle as a single system all of these communications, and all of the aspects of the supply chain, both in Mexico and in the U.S.

This suite of digital tools allowed us to help 1,500 fishermen to sell a combined of over 1000 metric tons in the U.S. and Asia during 2022. This was 10 times our average yearly operation in the years prior to this app. This communication system wouldn't have been possible without the speed affordability and the low technical requirements that Google's AppSheet and all of its Google Workspace integrations provided.

Now, we hope to bring these positive impact to even more Mayan communities in the years to come. We will continue to develop more apps that will get us further into the supply chain and will make every process even more efficient and more automated- so that we can scale this to more people and with a greater value to both consumers and the fishermen.

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