Video for Jan All Hands

January 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Derek Abrams , MC, Show Wrangler, Jefferson Jammers

What’s the future of AppSheet & Google within the organization?

Derek Abrams : Well uh- unless Google decides to stop offering AppSheet, um I definitely see that we're gonna continue to use it uh- for the small entity. And again, it's not because it's only for small entities. You could use- a small entity can be just a small department in a very large organization.

Derek Abrams : So we definitely want to continue to use it. We definitely see this as a very powerful tool and a very powerful platform. I see it from my perspective in- in my consulting with other small businesses or large businesses and in different departments and divisions within a large organization- tools like this really help you to step back and not be afraid of technology. They allow you to focus on your business problem and come up with a business solution where technology is a fit. Again, it's not always technology

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