Brian Leveris for Google Workspace User Advocate Testimonials

March 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Brian Leveris, Owner, Moreton Bay Mobile Computer Repairs. Brian Leveris, Owner, Moreton Bay Mobile Computer Repairs

Introduce yourself

Brian Leveris: Hi, my name is Brian. I'm the owner of Moreton Bay Mobile Computer Repairs. It is an IT company that specializes in going out to people's places to fix their IT issues. And today, I sort of wanted to give you my story on the AppSheet app that I created for my business.

What led you to AppSheet, what problems were you trying to solve?

Brian Leveris: Yes. Well the problem was- you know when you're starting a new business, you don't have money. So you're trying to find ways that you could do things at a very cheap rate, but still make it, you know great for your clients and usability for yourself in your business. So, the problems I was trying to solve was, what's the best client database and how would I integrate it with, you know, parts and receipts and you know, I just looked at companies and see what they offered and it was just too costly to add that and probably a bit too complicated because I'm not an accountant and I don't want to get all their jargon or their words. So, AppSheet led me to create myself my own database, my own parts and way of implementing my receipts. So, all that is connected in some way and that's why I find AppSheet really effective. It was very affordable when I started, now I'm paying monthly for it because how great it's been over the years. So, I started back in 2017 like I mentioned and since then, it's been very efficient, reliable, the database always worked when I needed it and I couldn't ask for anything better

What is the most useful app that you or your coworkers have deployed? What impact did it have on your organization?

Brian Leveris: but I will answer them as I go again. So what is the most useful app that you or your co workers have developed and what impact did it have on your organization? Well, the app I created was my sort of database app. I called it MBMCR, which is sort of acronym of my business name (Moreton Bay Mobile Computer Repairs). So, the impact that it made was- um epically great. I was able to manage my business through it and you know when a client calls, I know who's calling and I can look up previous bookings and all that on that client. So, you know I've implemented that and deployed it myself. If I had more employees I'd have to create some sort of sign-in, but you know at this point it's just me and it's been great for my whole business, you know, I- if I didn't have it now I'd be lost, I want to know who's my favorite client, what notes do I have on them? So if I go to a client's place, I'm not gonna go, you know, I can't remember, was there a gate code, you know, and they give that to me on day one, so it's good to have that information on hand. And aside from that, I also create a few apps but another one that I wanted to note was sort of rental app for myself. So, I wanted to get my rooms boarded by people in my home and I created a way to manage rent through the app. And so far it's been great. I mean, tracking when is rent due um, and you know, there's certainly things I wanna explore more there like sending myself emails, uh- sending the client the tenant emails like they're running late on their rent or something like that. But you know, it needs to be implemented with the bank if I wanted to do that, just so it's manageable, but you know, in terms of use, it's great. I love it! And anything, any ideas that come into play, I just wanna create an app. So yeah, now it's so far has been great.

What’s the future of AppSheet within the organization?

Brian Leveris: I love Google. I think Google is going towards a more connected world and I feel having AppSheet under their books is really effective, because they wanna reach a broader range of clients, you know, people who don't have any coding experience, people who want to give it a go and understand it. And you know, learning from Excel has really enhanced the way I used the program because the program is similar to Excel in terms of code and it's very simple to understand. So you know, the future of AppSheet within my organization is continually improving. Every day I would have an idea on what I wanna do, you know.

Brian Leveris: And since AppSheet started, I've been so far happy with everything it's done. And the support line is also great. They've moved to Google and you know, I have Google products, you know, Google Nest, Google Chrome-- I love it! It's um, it's something that- I think Google is the best company to grow AppSheet and make it a lot better for the user in terms of, you know, what more innovation can you do?

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