An Introduction to AppSheet Automation with Vikas Anand

April 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Vikas Anand, Head of Product, AppSheet

Why is Google Cloud investing in no-code automation?

Vikas Anand: Well, first let's go to the facts. There are roughly around 24-25 million software developers in the world as of some data which I looked up in 2019 and you know, just in the US, which is the leading country in terms of software developers, the total number of developers is in the range of between 5-6 million developers. Compare that to the population on the planet, especially the working population on the planet. So there is a significant gap in terms of skills available to write software. Number two, there is a tremendous pent up demand for automation and with the rise of low and no-code platforms, citizen development has emerged as a strategic way for modern organizations to invest, innovate, and compete. So. Our mission is to help enterprise, SMB, individual users, essentially empowering millions of citizen developers to more easily create and extend applications, digitize business processes with automation, without the need for professional coding skills.

What benefits does no-code automation provide?

Vikas Anand: Number one. If an organization is focused on faster time to market, automation helps get it there. With the lowering and reduction of error rates, the organizations are able to offer a better customer experience, thereby higher NPS scores. And more importantly, the total cost of ownership that the organization enjoys allows it to invest their savings into projects for innovation so that they can compete better in the market. We at AppSheet are very proud to extend the no-code app development platform to enable citizen developers to build automations as well. Our goal is to help them reclaim their time and talent, which is unfortunately lost sometimes performing manual tasks. AppSheet Automation is built on the same principle as AppSheet has been designed with the core focus on enabling users to build their applications with no-code.

Choose three words to describe AppSheet Automation and tell us why you’ve chosen them.

Vikas Anand: Mhm. Great question. If I had to choose three words to describe AppSheet Automation, which ones would I choose? First one. Intelligent. The platform is intelligent to learn from the user's steps to predict the next action the user should take when describing and developing the processes. Two, the platform is a agile. It really helps take an idea do an application, which includes automation of business processes really, really fast. Three, the platform is sophisticated enough to handle complex business processes, but also offers the tools for governance, security, and management to enable deployment of a citizen developer platform at an enterprise while preventing the challenges of shadow I.T.

You’ve got us hooked. Where can citizen developers and professional developers begin?

Vikas Anand: We have made it incredibly easy for you to try AppSheet. You can discover AppSheet if you're using a Sheet from Google to store your data. Just go to the "Tools" menu, click on "Create an app" with AppSheet and the platform will automatically and intelligently generate the application for you, which you can then go customize and extend, in AppSheet. If you are coming to the web through the internet, go sign up at appsheet.com Signing up is for free and immediately you are in the platform. You have access to all the capabilities to design your applications and automations. It just takes a few minutes. So why wait? Do it now.

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