Introducing AppSheet Automation with Head of Product, Vikas Anand

April 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vikas Anand, Head of Product, AppSheet

Why is Google Cloud investing in no-code automation?

Vikas Anand: There is a serious shortage of skills available to write software to automate business processes. Our mission is to help enterprise, SMB, as well as individual users, empowering millions of these citizen developers to more easily create and extend applications and also digitize business processes with automation - without the need of having professional coding skills.

What does AppSheet Automation mean for the future of work?

Vikas Anand: AppSheet Automation is already designed to support the future workforce. In many different ways it is actually helping the future workforce be more productive through intelligent automation by bringing the integration with productivity and collaborative tools like Workspace as well as supporting the culture of a platform which enables both individual developers, as well as developers across teams who are trying to make applications at scale. So we're really excited about this offering.

Choose three words to describe AppSheet Automation and tell us why you’ve chosen them.

Vikas Anand: Great question. If I had to choose three words to describe AppSheet Automation, I would choose intelligent, agile, and sophisticated. The platform is intelligent to learn from the user's steps to predict the next action the user should take when describing and developing applications as well as automations - enabling users to get 10X productivity. Two. The platform is agile and this is basically the foundation of AppSheet as a product. Really focusing on helping the user to take an idea to an application - which includes automation of business processes as well - really, really fast. Three. The platform is sophisticated enough to handle powerful app and automation requirements, but at the same time offers the tools for governance, security, and management which enable large scale enterprise deployments and help prevent the challenges of shadow IT. So the three words for me, intelligent, agile and sophisticated.

You’ve got us hooked. Where can citizen developers and professional developers begin?

Vikas Anand: We made it incredibly simple for you to get access to AppSheet. If you're using Sheets to store your data, to structure data, you can just go to the "Tools" menu and say "Create an app" using AppSheet and the platform generates enough for you automatically and intelligently. You can go then and extend the platform, extend the application using the platform. It's a very powerful capability. If you choose to come via the Internet using the web, we have a website appsheet.com Using self-service you can sign up for a Freemium and get access to all the capabilities in AppSheet, literally in a few minutes. Like I said, it just takes a few minutes. So why wait? Try it now.

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