Google Cloud Storage Nasuni Customer Story

May 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Grant, Chief Commercial Officer, Nasuni

What does Nasuni do?

David Grant: Hi, my name is David Grant. I'm the chief commercial officer here at Nasuni. Nasuni is a software company that is disrupting the enterprise file storage market with a cloud based approach. Traditionally, enterprise file storage is done with on premises NAS devices, file servers and backup software. Those approaches are much too costly, complex and rigid for today's cloud native world, and together with Google, we're changing that.

What data storage challenges was Nasuni facing?

David Grant: One of the key differences that makes Nasuni unique is that we build our file storage service based on cloud object storage. That enables us to deliver cost savings, durability, and scalability, like no other solution in the market. However, one of the challenges we had was ensuring that we could get different tiers of object stores to deliver the most cost effective way for enterprises to adopt our platform.

What do you like best about Google Cloud’s storage solutions?

David Grant: What we like best about Google's storage offering is first, the flexible tiering of object storage pricing that it delivers enables us to turn around and be able to deliver a very cost effective solution to our end customers. The second thing we love about Google storage is the performance when you're delivering files to end users across hundreds of locations across the globe, the performance needs to be as good as if it was sitting on their laptop or desktop. And because Google obviously knows how to deliver content on a global scale basis, their performance is phenomenal. The last thing we enjoy and our customers enjoy is the fact that they enable monthly billing through the marketplace. That enables us to deliver a file storage solution to our partners with an opex model, a highly predictable monthly based pricing model, which is very beneficial.

How does Google Cloud help you meet your customers' needs?

David Grant: Because we're a software company delivering a service to our customers using Google storage, our customers receive the same benefits that we receive. They get the same cost savings. We can pass along those cost savings that due to Google's tiering of cloud storage, we're able to deliver an an unbelievable R.O.I. to our customers. They also enjoy the same performance I discussed earlier, this global scale, being able to deliver files to any user anywhere around the globe. And lastly, they enjoy the same monthly payment terms. No longer do they have to pay big upfront Capex to pay for file storage. They get a predictable opex approach.

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