Rhys Phillips Airbus V2

September 29, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rhys Phillips, Google Workspace Change Management & User Adoption Lead, Airbus

Rhys Phillips: Yeah, Hi, my name is Chris Phillips and I'm a change management and user adoption leader for the Google Workspace Program at Airbus.

Rhys Phillips: Now, we've actually already seen several key benefits that have been brought to Airbus from our move to Google Workspace. So Google Workspace was really instrumental when employees had to start working at home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have VPN connections to allow our users to connect into the office environment and before we move to the cloud, everything, our documents, our emails, et cetera, were all stored on premise and so it would be necessary for every user to connect to the VPN in order to access those services and continue to work from home. But of course, our VPNs were never designed for everyone to be working at home simultaneously. We weren't prepared for that. And having our files and emails in the cloud via Google Workspace is actually meant that we minimized disruption, we ensured that colleagues could still access what they needed to and continue to work. And along with features such as a really fast connections into Google Meet, document co editing and chat rooms, it really enabled our teams to continue to collaborate even though they will no longer sitting physically together in the same office. And this helped ensure our our business continuity outside of this specific

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