Natalie Rozenboim, Resonai, for Spotlight on ISVs

September 13, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Natalie Rozenboim, COO, Resonai

How are you innovating to disrupt your industry?

Natalie Rozenboim: How are we at Resonai innovating to disrupt our industry? So at Resonai, we transform buildings into intelligent digital twins. We help retailers and mall owners differentiate and stand out. What we do is we come into the building such as a mall and we scan it and create an exact digital replica of the mall. A digital twin. Then our platform enables mall owners to use their digital twin as an operating system of the mall, basically, adding layers of immersive experiences in AR like 3D clickable ads, innovative games and utility and information layers such as indoor navigation to any store, restaurant or the closest elevator. These appear on customers phones and as they move in and around the shopping mall. This results in a lot of data. Resonai offers mall owners unique data and insights into how shoppers use their space.

What key ingredients do you need in place to make this happen?

Natalie Rozenboim: Key ingredients we need in place to make this happen. So we're a deep tech startup. So we need a lot of research and algorithms in place to execute our goals. We have a super talented R&D team that brings the vision to life every day. Given we manage over 1000 terabytes of data. It's also key for us to be able to easily manage that ourselves. Google Cloud really enables us to be independent with that. Everything is well documented and easy to use and we can set up new databases in a couple of clicks.

You've recently launched your solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace what have been some of the benefits you’ve perceived?

Natalie Rozenboim: We've recently launched our solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace and we're already seeing the advantages. It's definitely still early days for us, but we're already seeing the benefits as part of our sale cycle. Meaning we mentioned it to prospects during the sale cycle that they could execute the deal via Google Cloud Marketplace. We've seen prospects realize the huge advantages this presents for them both on the procurement side internally in their organization and on the financial side, given it's against the preexisting commitment.

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