Janina for Google Cloud IL Celebrates International Women's Day

March 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Janina, Google Cloud business manager , Google

Tell us a little bit about yourself and the work you do

Janina: Hi I'm Janina Lax and I work for Google as a Cloud business manager.

What does Women's Day mean to you?

Janina: Women's Day is just another day for us to celebrate the successes that we have as women in our society. We have an opportunity to create a society where women are just equal and are able to achieve anything that they put their minds to.

What are some of the things we can do as individuals and as businesses to support women's equality?

Janina: Some of the things we can do in order to support women's equality is simply by leading as an example and showing not just our peers, but also former and other generations that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

What would you say is your proudest achievement?

Janina: I'm very proud to be able to follow the footsteps of the leaders that I've had in my life, being it Angela Merkel in Germany or my grandmother, who was already an independent doctor and leading her own practice. I am able to do the same for myself, being an independent woman in an organization like Google and thereby also showing other generations what's possible and that there's nothing that can hold us back, always onwards and upwards.

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