Brian Hall for 2022 Google Cloud WHM/IWD Allyship

March 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian Hall, VP Product Marketing, Google

Why is International Women’s Day & Women's History Month (US) important to you? How are you celebrating?

Brian Hall: Hi, Happy International Women's Day and Women's History Month. I'm looking forward to celebrating Women's History month in particular with my daughter, who is a freshman in high school. And using it as an opportunity to explore wonderful women in history, who she can learn from and should should see as fantastic representatives of what she can do in her life as well.

Who is a woman in history or in your life that has inspired you? How have they inspired you?

Brian Hall: Well, like many people, certainly my mom is someone who has, who has influenced me and made me who I am. A few things about my mom that, that I think are particularly important to me. When I was 10 years old, I think. Yea, it was right around then. My mom decided to go to law school. She had, she had been a teacher and when I was born and then subsequently when my younger brother, there were three boys in our family were born, she stopped teaching and then when we were old enough to kind of get by, she went to law school and then became a career clerk for a federal appeals court. And it was, it was a very kind of amazing timing for me as a person at 10 to see how hard she worked in order to get to this position. But also to talk to her about what it meant as a woman in, in, you know, increasingly back then, it was a more male dominated society, particularly in law and what it meant for her to to have the opportunity, and to be pursuing it as she did. So I, I will, I will say certainly my mother who has, who has done a lot to make me who I am and continues to inspire me.

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