Antonella Blasetti for Women's Equality Day 2022

August 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Antonella Blasetti, Information Design

What does Women’s Equality Day mean to you?

Antonella Blasetti: women's support today. I think that women at work should be border and more independent. We have to learn from men and innovate. Speaking about information technology and cloud. That's my field. I think that cloud could be a wonderful job for women. It is you usually work remote in a flexible way. Cloud skills are highly requested. You think not bad. If you're thinking that this is not for you because you are not a software developer, you're wrong because the most important skills in cloud are related to organization 14, something that we are very good at. Well you have to learn. Probably, maybe not, but probably have to learn because it is an important topic. But there is means google can only google also amazon Microsoft. Many others gives to you. Lots of materials tutorials, labs, really high quality see, so no problem to learn, you have to put some effort. That's it. If you need advice, google is really awesome in that because google organized communities, Communities are made of real people with expertise and passion like me. I'm I take part to three communities. Google expert, google groups, groups and winners. So you can have personal advice from real people in person. Um, I got an idea related to this before today behind I'm I'm writing a small set of guides for getting into cloud in a faster, um easier and more engaging way sometimes with some unconventional boy. Um, if you want to have to have more information about all that. Look at the google site for communities. Google developers and I'm writing on medium and easy to find me because my name is Antonella. Oh, I am the only Antonella google cloud expert. It was a pleasure how from Roma?

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