Dave Bartoletti, Outbound Product Marketing Manager, Google Cloud

June 22, 2021

Dave Bartoletti shares his point of view on why Kubernetes is the new control plane for building applications and what he's up to at Google Cloud.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dave Bartoletti, Outbound Product Manager, Google Cloud

Tell us who you are and your role at Google Cloud?

Dave Bartoletti: Hi everyone. My name is Dave Bartoletti. I joined Google Cloud a few months ago. I'm an outbound product manager on our application modernization team. I focus on Google solutions like containers and Kubernetes that help customers do more with cloud native. I'm lucky to get to work with Google's amazing engineers, product managers and marketers. My mission is to be the voice of Google's cloud native products to the market and your voice back to Google's product managers and engineers. Think of it as product management with an outside in perspective.

Why did you join Google Cloud and what are your impressions so far?

Dave Bartoletti: I loved being a cloud and container analyst at Forrester for the last decade. I really had the pleasure of working with hundreds of enterprises every year and talking to them about how they were using cloud, native cloud, open source containers and Kubernetes to completely shake up how they build applications, how they design applications and especially how they deploy secure and optimize them. I don't think any other hyper scale cloud provider or any technology software company can match Google's dedication to open source and especially to cloud innovation at scale. The entire Google Cloud team is laser focused on our customers. We're going to make cloud native technology and tools work for everyone from the largest digital natives to the midsize enterprise trying to become a software company. I'm thrilled to be here. I've never worked with such an innovative, dedicated and friendly and funny team.

What gets you excited about Kubernetes?

Dave Bartoletti: 10 years ago, most of us were worried about how to virtualize more things, then the cloud exploded, then open source exploded. Again, then containers exploded, then Kubernetes exploded. Now serverless, you get it, it's been an incredibly innovative decade. But now our most important work for the next 10 years is putting all that innovation to work, helping enterprises modernize every app they have from web and mobile to the back office. See, Kubernetes is really shaping up to be one of the great open source success stories. Yes, it's a fantastic container orchestrator, but it really is so much more, it's extensible so you can make it your own, it's portable, so it helps make your apps more portable. It's massively scalable and it's tested at massive scale and it's open source. So there's a huge community working on it. I think Kubernetes really is the new control plane for modern distributed apps and infrastructure. I'm really most excited to make Kubernetes work for everyone and that's really what all of our product teams are most excited about too. We want to make Kubernetes much easier to learn, a lot easier to deploy even within autopilot mode, easier to optimize, easier to secure. And with Anthos we're making it work wherever you want and wherever you start, but always with a powerful cloud backed experience. So I'd love to talk to you more about how your modernizing your apps. If we haven't talked for a while, please reach out whether you start in our cloud, in your data center somewhere else. We want to help you do more with Kubernetes. Thanks for listening. Please do reach out and let me know how we can help you because I'm all ears literally.

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