Paul mayer for Co-Marketing Partners!

July 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul mayer, Senior manager - Corporate Communications, The Home Depot

Please introduce yourself and your role at your organization.

Paul mayer: Hi this is Paul Mayer with the corporate communications team at The Home Depot.

Please share your experience partnering with the Customer Programs team for co-marketing activities.

Paul mayer: It has been a lot of fun working with Meaghan and the Customer Marketing team in Google Cloud. We enjoy working with partners who share our passion for innovation and collaboration. And who listen to the things that we're trying to amplify in the stories that we're looking to tell in the marketplace to find that win win scenario. We also appreciate working with partners who share that passion for innovation and disrupting the marketplace.

Please share an example of how the co-marketing partnership with Google Cloud has had a positive impact.

Paul mayer: Working with the Google Cloud marketing team has really helped us amplify our technology and innovation story. Oftentimes when people think about The Home Depot, they don't realize all the technology that goes on behind the scenes to create that interconnected customer experience, allowing them to shop whenever, however, and wherever they want to. Being able to partner with Google and find ways new, creative ways and meaningful ways to show up, not only to tell that story for our customers, for our current associates, but also for future talent as well.

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