Google Cloud Next: Wendy Cartee

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Wendy Cartee, Google

What’s your role at Google?

Wendy Cartee: Okay. Hi, everyone. I'm Wendy Cartee, Director of Outbound Product management for Cloud Networking. I am part of an amazing team building a planet scale network that connects over 200 countries using high speed fiber cabling. So regardless where your applications are, you will get great performance from our network.

What are you most excited about at Google Cloud Next this year?

Wendy Cartee: Well, I'm super excited that Google Cloud Next is happening in just a few days. We have product leaders lined up to talk about some of the latest innovations that we have, as well as customers who will share how they're deploying the technologies as well.

What session is a must watch?

Wendy Cartee: So what session is a must watch? That's a hard question. Because there are so many good sessions. I would recommend starting with the "Open Infrastructure Cloud Spotlight Keynote," which is where you get all the application and infrastructure announcements in one session. If you're in networking, I would highly recommend the "What's New with Networking" session where you'll get a quick preview of what's coming with network connectivity center, private service connect, GKE networking, load balancing, Cloud Armor and network intelligence center. If you are a telecom operator service provider, I highly recommend the "Delivering 5G networks and ecosystems with distributed cloud" session. Thank you for watching. I hope you'll join us at Google Cloud Next.

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