John Costello for Co-Marketing Partners!

July 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: John Costello, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Wayfair

Please introduce yourself and your role at your organization.

John Costello: Hi my name is John Costello and I'm Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at Wayfair.

Please share your experience partnering with the Customer Programs team for co-marketing activities.

John Costello: I've been working with Meaghan Sullivan and other folks on the marketing team for the better part of two years now and it's been a fantastic experience. We've been able to tell so many compelling stories and bring projects to life in unique ways, whether that's our move to Google Cloud and how that has enabled Wayfair to take big swings and drive great results. Or how we're using [Google] Workspace tools to collaborate amongst our global workforce and drive transparency even as we grow. So, all along the way, working with Meaghan and team has felt like a true partnership. It feels like we're always aligned on goals, always collaborating and throwing new ideas out there. I always leave our regular calls feeling energized about how we can showcase this partnership in exciting ways and reach new audiences to tell the story of both google and Wayfair's technology. So it's been an exciting journey so far and we're really optimistic about the possibilities ahead.

Please share an example of how the co-marketing partnership with Google Cloud has had a positive impact.

John Costello: Our Co-Marketing efforts with Google Cloud have had so many positive impacts, whether that's driving awareness of Wayfair's technology story through strategic joint media opportunities, or diving really deep into complex topics with speaking opportunities or case studies. And all of this serves to both generate awareness and and educate external audiences. But it also gets our internal folks really excited to have their work showcased in unique, compelling ways.

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