Google Cloud Video Testimonials: Erik Allebest

March 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erik Allebest, CEO, Chess.com

What does Chess.com do and what is your role there?

Erik Allebest: Hi, I'm Eric. I'm the CEO of Chess.com, the number one platform for online chess. Every day, millions of players show up, play millions of games, enjoy their favorite streamers and players and work hard to improve their game of chess.

Why did Chess.com choose Google Cloud?

Erik Allebest: Chess is a game has grown hugely over the last few years and his Chess.com has grown exponentially. We've been looking for the right provider to help us scale out our services and technology. We've seen more than 4X growth internationally and we need to have all the services for cloud compute and for storing images and for playing games so that we can provide our service to our global members at the fastest speed possible. And we were really excited to partner with Google Cloud for their excellent level of service and their advanced technology.

What has Chess.com achieved using Google Cloud solutions?

Erik Allebest: Chess.com has been able to offload some of our more fragile services that are on prem into the cloud with infinite scalability. We've also been investing heavily into gameplay at colocated servers around the world, instead of having a single point of failure for our gamers.

What does Chess.com hope to achieve working with Google Cloud?

Erik Allebest: We're super excited about the growth we've seen in chess and we're projecting a lot more growth in the future. We're really excited to work with Google Cloud in order to put all of our services and technologies into the right provider to help us scale out internationally. As our mobile apps get more popular, as our website gets more traffic, as our streaming services and all of our integrations come together. We're really looking to invest in the right provider who understands our global reach, who understands are pushing of technology and at the end of the day can help us with our mission of sharing chess with everybody in the world.

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