Bart Jenniches for Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit

July 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bart Jenniches

Please introduce yourself and your position at Google.

Bart Jenniches: Hi everyone my name is Bart Jenniches, and I'm the Director of Business Communication Partnerships at Google.

What are session are you speaking at?

Bart Jenniches: I'll be hosting and speaking at the "Conversational Commerce with Google" session.

As a speaker & Googler, what excites you most about the Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit?

Bart Jenniches: Here's what excites me most about speaking at the Google Cloud Retail & Consumer Goods Summit. Specifically friction and how we remove it together between businesses and Google, our technology and the user. All of us coming together to solve those pain points for consumers on their path to purchase.

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