Introducing AppSheet Automation

April 11, 2021

Empower your organization to reclaim time and talent that’s often lost to unnecessarily manual work. AppSheet Automation helps anyone implement change without writing a line of code.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Praveen Seshadri, Founder, AppSheet

What is AppSheet Automation?

Praveen Seshadri: AppSheet is Google's no-code application platform. AppSheet Automation is a brand new capability in the platform that lets you, as a business user, automate many of the processes that you use in your team or organization, and gain productivity as a result of that.

Why does automation matter for no-code development and who benefits?

Praveen Seshadri: There's a process in almost every organization--there's a set of processes. The digitization of those processes and automation of those processes, drives a lot of efficiency in organizations. That's the benefit of process automation in general. The no-code aspect of process automation with AppSheet is valuable because it allows a person who is not a programmer, or not a technical specialist, to be able to create these automations themselves. In other words, it puts the power of process automation--the power of productivity gain--in the hands of the people who actually work in the business.

What does AppSheet Automation mean for the future of work?

Praveen Seshadri: Every one of us would be optimistic about the future of our work if inefficient things got automated and we're able to spend our time and energies using our ideas to make things better at work, to make things more productive at work, to make things more efficient at work, to drive good outcomes for our customers. That's the positive future of work that we can achieve if people who work can take their ideas for improvement and translate that into experiments and translate that into automated outcomes. AppSheet Automation allows that to happen by putting that power in the hands of the people who do work.

What three words describe AppSheet Automation?

Praveen Seshadri: One, AppSheet is agile. Why do I say this? Because it's time to go from your ideas to something that's working an application or automation. That's really fast, and it's that cycle of idea to something working in iteration that gives you agility in your business. Two. AppSheet is intelligent. Many of the steps that that you need to take to actually create something the platform tries to understand, anticipates, and takes for you. Three. AppSheet is powerful. You can take reasonably complicated processes or ideas that you have and translate them into working apps and automation, because the platform allows you to express them and make them happen.

Where can citizen and professional developers begin?

Praveen Seshadri: There are two simple ways to start. You can either go to the AppSheet website, create an account and start building your first app or automation. Or you can put some data in a Google Sheet, go to its "Tools" menu, and click a button to create your first app or automation. It's as simple as that. But either way, in just the first few minutes, you should have something working that shows you the power of the platform.

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