Alvaro Garrido for Google Cloud Security Summit

July 12, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alvaro Garrido, CSO, BBVA

Please introduce yourself and your organization.

Alvaro Garrido: Hello, I'm Alvaro Garrido, Chief Security Officer at BBVA, a leading financial institution in Europe and Central and South America. Possibly one of the best banks in the world.

What session are you speaking in at the Google Cloud Security Summit?

Alvaro Garrido: I will be participating in the "Making Invisible Security a Reality with Google" [keynote] session, where I will have a very interesting conversation with Sunil Potti, and Alison Andrews [Reyes] from Google and where we will be sharing our experience with Chronicle for the last you know, few months. And how we're putting it into production. So, there we will share experience. What's been the journey working with the engineering teams. What is the reality of what is expectations, and also what lays ahead for for a journey with Google.

As a speaker & participant, what excites you the most about the Google Cloud Security Summit?

Alvaro Garrido: Well, first and foremost, of course it's a privilege. It's an honor to be representing BBVA in this summit. For me it's a really great opportunity to share with you our experience in this journey with Google over the last year, year and a half. Our collaboration with an engineering teams, how we're putting all things into production. And also very interesting things we're planning for the future. I think at the same time for me getting experience attending all the other sessions. How we can incorporate this, this pipeline of solutions. And also hopefully get some feedback from all of you and established a network with those of you attending this summit. So really excited.

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