GCM Jam: It Takes a Village!

December 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Hood, Host, That Digital Show


Seven GCM Teams Come Together to Tell Customer Stories

Cloud Confessions campaign

A podcast series, written content, a digital event, all highlighted on our new content hub, email & paid media

Meaghan Sullivan: Hi everybody! I'm Meaghan Sullivan The Customer Reference Manager for some of the customers that participated in phase one of the Cloud Confessions campaign. This high impact marketing campaign truly benefited the relationships that we're building with some of our top customers. Now, let's hear from the GCM'ers and Googlers that made it happen!

Alison Pinter: Hi everyone. I'm Alison Pinter, Global Campaign Lead for Retail. For our latest Retail campaign, Cloud Confessions, I worked across various teams, including Industry Product Marketing, Activation, as well as our Social and Paid Media teams, to create and launch our Confessions Hub where we feature our new tell all podcast series. With this compelling customer content, we are aiming to educate the market on the realistic ups and downs of moving to the cloud all while generating new leads and MQLs for sellers by driving demand through our various channels. Launching this campaign has been a really fun journey where I've had to work cross functionally with many different stakeholders to bring to life a new type of customer first campaign.

Chris Hood: I'm Chris Hood host of our podcast, That Digital Show. It would be impossible to quickly summarize all of the individuals and teams that came together to produce the Cloud Confessions series, along with the work that we are still doing to expand the series across more industries teams and customers. But here you go, here's a quick list. Kandice Carlson, Alison Pinter, Kari Szul, Richard Lee, Brook Callahan, Kate Finton, and multiple other people across Brian Hall's team. To everyone, Thank you!

Frankie Wong: Hi my name is Frankie Wong. For this campaign. I worked closely with Jill and Yomi to ensure design and development had all the proper requirements to build out and test optimize the final product.

Jill Krautbauer: I'm Jill Krautbauer, Activation Manager for the Cloud Confessions program. I worked on the program with Alison, on organizing the intake and the campaign creation for the tracking. I also work directly with Frankie, and Yomi, to ensure that they had everything they needed to execute the production of the program.

Sara Wallace: My name is Sara Wallace, and my role for the Cloud Confessions campaign was as the Campaign Creative Lead. I worked really closely with Alison as the Campaign Lead and Kandice as the Industry Marketing Lead. As well as our Brand and agency partners on the overarching campaign creative strategy, as well as the overseeing and consulting on the execution.

Andrea Eid: Hi, my name's Andrea Eid, FSR out of Chicago. I work with Ulta Beauty and Crate & Barrel. And I've had a blast working with the marketing team, bringing to life the stories of our clients and making them public. They love working with us, have had a lot of fun doing it so shout out to the marketing team. Couldn't do all that was done without you all. Thanks again.

Kandice Carlson: Hi everyone, I'm Kandace Carlson and I lead our Retail Industry Marketing team here at Google Cloud. Let's see, for Cloud Confessions, I was the Retail Marketing Lead, which really meant that from ideation to getting things live, I had the opportunity to work with a ton of amazing people to bring this campaign to life. With Meg Sullivan, we talked about customers. Who are the right customers, the right execs to have real conversations with, who might be up for this kind of campaign. And then we pitched and recorded and scheduled and did all the things. With Alison Pinter, we worked so closely to figure out how might we make a new website that looks a little different and how do we quickly work with agencies and Activation to make that happen? Thank you, AP. Chris hood - You know, I didn't even know Chris Hood before this thing. I put a random meeting on his calendar to ask about starting my own podcast and he said on that call, "you know, this is hard, why don't you just come do a takeover of That Digital Show. So cool, thank you Chris for your collaboration. The Brand team, so Enshallah, Sara, Stacey. These were so, such important conversations to have when we do want to do something different and push the envelope. How do we do it in a way that still feels Googley and still feels on brand? So, so appreciate their input there and then finally, Bryson Gordon, our fearless leader who really came in and said, "hey, how do we stop sounding like everybody else and how might we make it okay to talk about the fact that sometimes moving to the cloud is hard and sometimes mistakes happen. And as a leader, you want to talk about that, you want to reflect on that and you want to think about what you might do differently to ensure success in the future." So, thanks so much Bryson and everyone for working on this project with us still more to come. I can't wait to see how it evolves globally and with additional conversations. Such such an honor to work on this.

Thank you!

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