2023 Data and AI Trends

February 02, 2023

Video Transcript

What is the Data and AI Trends report?

Hi everyone. I'm Andi Gutmans, General Manager and VP of Engineering for Databases at Google Cloud. I'm excited to share the Google Cloud Data and AI trends report, which discusses five data trends for 2023 that are shaping how organizations are thinking about their data-driven digital transformation.

What is the one trend that you’re most excited about?

driven applications. Organizations are realizing that they're siloed transactional databases and warehousing strategies can't keep up with modern demands. When operational and analytical systems are decoupled organizations struggle to piece together different solutions to build intelligent interactive applications. For example, to provide personalized e-commerce recommendations, applications need to support both transactional and analytical workloads on the same data set without negatively impacting performance. Additionally, organizations in a better way to store, manage, analyze and govern all this data. They need to cut down the extra work costs and conflicting insights caused by data silos. Developers, data analysts, business teams and other contributors must know what data exists and where it lives and be able to easily access and analyze up-to-date data With the unified data cloud. This all becomes possible. The unified data cloud provides a platform that supports every stage of the data lifecycle, transactional databases, analytical engines and AI all reside on the common infrastructure that is pre configured to work together seamlessly. For me, one of the biggest takeaways about this trend is that a unified data cloud enables the integration of data and insights into transformative digital experiences and better decision making.

How can organizations benefit from this trend?

I encourage you to learn more about breaking down silos and other trends in the Google Cloud Data and AI trends report. You will also find stories of companies who are unifying their data to make it easier to manage systems, act on reliable real-time data and govern data more consistently for cost savings and security benefits.

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