Goodheart-Willcox Author Testimonials

March 19, 2024

Video Transcript

What struggles do teachers commonly face in this course area and how are they addressed in the new edition?

Hi, this is Sharleen Kato. I'm the author of Principles of Human Services coming out with a third edition of this, this year and really excited about it. It's, it's a response to a lot of positive feedback from those of you who currently use it. So if you're an educator and you teach Human Services, you know that it is a course that covers a whole swath of careers that are all related in that they address the needs of people from Financial Services to Mental Health Services, to Early Childhood and Education to Personal Services. Um and more, it's all in there. So it can be challenging and uh the purpose is always to make it more and more engaging, the content that is solid. We've added a lot of new illustrations, smart art that teaches content through, through illustrations instead of using charts or using less uh so that we can engage students as well. We still have all of the wonderful case studies and the professional uh profiles to engage students along with prompts with all of the new photos. I think that that enticing visual content really has to has to go along with stronger content as well. So some areas that we've updated, one is in Early Childhood Education, we had requests that we would expand that and to include education careers and in youth and also in adult education. So we've done that some requests sought including hospitality careers and we've done that as well. But probably the most profound change in this edition has been post panem because a lot of human services have changed. For example, many have gone online financial services, mental health services and some some have not but have just changed. So I hope you enjoy this new edition. I think it's been updated in all the ways that you wanted and suggested. Thanks.

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