What a New Year Means to You Part IV

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kaylee Pavelka, Database Administrator. Candie Esch, Marketing & Communications Director. Stephanie Moncrieff, Chaplain

Please tell us what a New Year means to you and how you approach a New Year.

Candie Esch: When I was younger, I spent a lot of time making resolutions that I did not keep. And as I've gotten older, I really tried to change my perspective on New Year's resolutions. And for me, the New Year now is more of a time for renewal and for joy. It's also a time for me to take stock of what I already have to be thankful for. So I really try to think about all the things that I have and I tried to, instead of, you know, looking for the year ahead, to be something bigger and better, I try to use it as a time to kind of look within myself and find wisdom in my setbacks and create space within my heart, for some meaningful change.

Kaylee Pavelka: For me, new year means, having a fresh start and, having goals and, just a new year to look forward to.

Stephanie Moncrieff: As a priest and someone who works at a school, I get to celebrate New Year three times. One, when the school year begins another at the end of November, early December, when the church year begins. And then again in January, when the rest of the world is celebrating a New Year. I like to look at all three of those times as ways to begin again, anew to use those times to think about ways that God has been with me through the last few months or the last month and then ways that I can continue to engage and learn and grow closer to God and to ways that are loving.

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