What a New Year Means to You Part III

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Britney Tyner, Advancement Data Administrator. Allison Dickson, 3rd Grade Teacher. Lauren Younger & Zulaikha Alharthy, Library

Please tell us what a New Year means to you and how you approach a New Year.

Britney Tyner: So for me, a New Year used to be a complete reset. Everything I did wrong last year, I won't do this year. But now it's more of a continuation of everything I was doing before. It's all growth, it's all meaningful. And so I just take what I learned from the last year and I roll it into the new year and I don't change anything. I just try to improve.

Lauren Younger & Zulaikha Alharthy: New Year is, such a great time of the year. It's a new beginning, new calendar. It's a time where we think about what we wanna do next, in our new chapter or in our life. I really, excited to and thankful to God for this year 2023-2024 with my group here in Good Shepherd and I'm just blessed.

Allison Dickson: The new year to me is more about settling into our routines and being warm and cozy and when it's dark and cold, I typically set my goals and resolutions if you will at the beginning of a new school year - that feels like more of the fresh start to me. And so the January New Year, really is more about, settling into those routines and being, still and waiting for the spring to come.

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