Holiday Traditions Part I

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Lily Ruble, Director of Curriculum. Liz Fleskes, Head of Early Childhood. Christina Jarke, Counselor

Please share with us your favorite holiday traditions and why they're your favorites.

Lily Ruble: One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting in the car, driving around and looking at all the different Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music, maybe rolling down the windows, making the car really warm and just enjoying the festive decorations that everyone puts up.

Christina Jarke: My favorite holiday tradition is having Tamales on Christmas Eve.

Liz Fleskes: Christmas is big in my family and in my husband's as well. So we find a lot of different ways to celebrate. One of my favorites has been a new tradition that we started when we moved to Dallas. And that is down to Merry TubaChristmas and Thanksgiving Square the day before Christmas Eve where Tuba players from all over the city, join the crowds and we sing Christmas songs and enjoy the brisk weather and bring our hot chocolate and, delicious treats to snack on. And then we head out into Dallas and enjoy the beautiful window displays, find downtown and it's just a really nice, opportunity for everybody to get together. Enjoy some time before the actual craziness of the day begins and get in the spirit with a little holiday music. I hope you and yours have a very merry holiday. And, I'm looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

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