Holiday Traditions Part V

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kaylee Pavelka, Database Administrator. Amy Raney, Director of Academic Learning Lab. Stephanie Moncrieff, Chaplain

Please share with us your favorite holiday traditions and why they're your favorites.

Amy Raney: What a magical time of the year. I love putting up the Christmas tree with the lights and the garland and opening up the boxes and putting all those special ornaments on the tree to, to enjoy for a month and to think about all of the memories behind the ornaments. I love celebrating Jesus' birth and going to Christmas Eve service, the candle lighting service. I love singing the carols and, and being with everybody at church and I look forward to Christmas Day with my family. My special memory would be when we used to go to my aunt's house and we would cook together and then we would gather around the table and have a lunch together and laugh and share memories and then to come home and you get to be with the things that you've gotten as a child growing up to play with and, and enjoy the magic for Christmas.

Kaylee Pavelka: Some of my holiday traditions include decorating the tree opening presents, going to church, spending time with family. And lately my family and I have been going to see Christmas Lights at Heland Park in Cleburne. Hope everyone has a happy holiday.

Stephanie Moncrieff: One of my favorite holiday traditions is to celebrate advent a season before Christmas where we have some silence and stillness and we wait for Jesus to come again. In my house, we have an Advent calendar similar to this one that we have in the chapel. And I find that it's really neat to light the candles each week on Sunday night, usually adding a candle every week so that the light grows brighter and brighter as we get closer and closer for Jesus to come. For Christmas in my family, we love to get a new Christmas ornament in our stockings each year. And usually that ornament has something to do with a theme or an event that happened. Last year we took a summer trip to Maine. And so I got a lobster ornament in my stocking. A couple of years ago when my daughter was born, my husband and I ate lots and lots of chicken tacos because we were taking care of two little ones and he got a chicken taco ornament in his stocking that year. We love the holidays and we love to celebrate them here at church at Good Shepherd, but also at home.

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