Holiday Traditions Part IV

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kristin Jarrett, Employee Recruitment & Retention Manager. Lauren Younger & Zulaikha Alharthy, Library. Roselle Carlino, 1st Grade Teacher

Please share with us your favorite holiday traditions and why they're your favorites.

Lauren Younger & Zulaikha Alharthy: My favorite holiday tradition is something that my family does on the day before Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve Eve. That night as it gets closer to Christmas Eve Day, if you can catch someone in your family right at the stroke of midnight and say Christmas Eve gift to them, they have to give you a present, that they were going to give you for Christmas early. And, it's especially fun if you live far away from people, you can call, leave messages, catch people that way and you still get your gift early. That's my favorite tradition.

Kristin Jarrett: Some of my favorite holiday traditions are spent with my Children and my family. We never travel around the holidays. We've always stayed in the DFW area and we really enjoy being able to go out and do all of the fun stuff around DFW, going to the arboretum and their 12 days of Christmas taking a carriage ride to see the lights, spending time at the Gaylord, in downtown Grapevine and just exploring all that they have to offer here.

Roselle Carlino: I come from a very big Italian Catholic family. So, one of my favorite holiday traditions is on Christmas Eve when we celebrate something called the Feast of the Seven Fishes. And that is because in the Catholic religion, during advent, you are not supposed to eat meat the entire time. You're not supposed to eat meat until Jesus is born, which is Christmas day. So the Feast of the Seven Fishes is a big celebration on Christmas Eve where you cook up seven different types of fish. And we all get together for a big party on Christmas Eve. We exchange gifts, of course with your family. But the big event is when we cook up different types of fish like clams, lobster, salmon cod. And it is just a giant party.

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